Congratulations Scottsdale Voters!

The overwhelming victory of all three bond questions is a time to celebrate.  The last time we had this kind of overwhelming success for a bond election was 20 years ago. While there are still more challenges ahead in solving some of our future infrastructure needs, Tuesday’s election results were a significant step toward making our city more sustainable.  We should all be proud that we spoke with a unified voice. So congratulations to all of you who voted to pass the bonds -- and especially those of you who worked so hard to make the election successful. Two years ago, I was honored to be appointed by Mayor Lane to the first Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee of the City Council. Working closely with the city staff, our subcommittee identified the city’s most pressing needs.  We prioritized the projects that needed to be addressed. Our work product was then provided to the next CIP Subcommittee that polished it up, provided many opportunities for citizen input and presented it as the 2019 bond package. The next step will be for the City Council to approve the results of the election to make it official.  The citizen Bond Oversight Committee, which is already in place, will then oversee the process to ensure that the funds are used for the specific projects that voters approved.   Once again, thank for your work, your votes and for putting Scottsdale first.

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Co-Chairs: Ace Bailey, Jane Blacker, Jim Bruner, Paul Messinger

Paid for by Korte Scottsdale. Authorized by Virginia Korte.

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