Good Schools and Good Jobs Go Hand in Hand

It’s not hard to imagine why investing in schools is in the public interest. We care about our children and want them to grow up to be well-balanced, well-educated members of our society. But the need for investing in schools goes further than that. One of the biggest draws for companies to put down roots in an area is the quality of the education. It’s hard to attract the best people for high paying jobs if they can’t send their kids to good schools.  Additionally, it is our responsibility to provide the best education for our children so that we can grow our own talent to fulfill the needs of our community. This is why it’s important that we continue to do everything necessary for our schools to succeed. If we want high paying jobs to continue to come to Scottsdale, we need top-notch education at the public and private level. Our neighboring city, Mesa, is doing everything they can to invest in education. If we want to remain competitive we have to continue our investment as well. As City Council member, I have been actively involved in Yes to Children and helped them with numerous successful bond initiatives. I’m also a founding board member of BUSS (Business United for Scottsdale Schools) and am proud of the work we’ve done to support our teachers and students.  We can’t talk about Scottsdale having a great future if we aren’t doing what it takes to invest in education now. This is just one of the many areas where leadership matters. As my record shows, I’ve worked hard to lead the council as well as other citizen’s initiatives in a way that prepares Scottsdale for its great future. Join me in sustaining Scottsdale as a great place to live, learn, work and play!

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Co-Chairs: Ace Bailey, Jane Blacker, Jim Bruner, Paul Messinger

Paid for by Korte Scottsdale. Authorized by Virginia Korte.

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