Should We Stay at Home?

Many Scottsdale citizens are asking why we don’t have a ‘Stay at Home’ rule during this time of the COVID-19 public health emergency.  Doug Ducey, our Governor, issued an Executive Order on March 23 prohibiting cities from enacting any regulation that restricts any person from “performing any function designated by either the Governor, the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, or the Division of Emergency Management as an essential function during the COVID-19 public health emergency.”  The Executive Order goes on to include “Any order restricting persons from leaving their home …” The City of Scottsdale is following our Governor’s lead.  We have closed all but three city facilities to public access and are monitoring our preserve trail heads so that individuals understand the social distancing rule of 6ft.  All public meetings which include boards, commissions and city council are either temporarily cancelled or being held electronically.  All public gatherings are cancelled. To borrow from City of Scottsdale’s webpage: Essential city services such as solid waste collection, water, police and fire remain fully operational. Staff in these areas are taking steps recommended by public health experts to keep things clean and prevent the spread of virus. If you need to do business with the city, chances are you can do it online – search at or find a complete listing of services here. Scottsdale’s call center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each business day – call 480-312-3111 for assistance. Scottsdale trolley service on all routes is suspended beginning Wednesday, March 25. Valley Metro service remains on a regular schedule, but riders are encouraged to continue to check the Valley Metro website for updates. All city buildings except the City Court, Granite Reef Senior Center, and Vista del Camino Food Bank are closed to the public.  Vista del Camino Food Bank is open by appointment to distribute food boxes and for emergency assistance – call 480-312-2323 to schedule. All Scottsdale Public Library Buildings are closed. Drive up windows at Appaloosa, Arabian and Mustang are open for limited services. Visit for details. Visit to access city services online. The city call center is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays to assist residents via phone – call 480-312-3111. The Scottsdale City Court has suspended jury trials, continued many cases and encourages the public to access services online. However, the court must remain open for certain services. People should contact the court prior coming in person at 480-312-2442 or email The Granite Reef Senior Center is closed for general use; however, it will be open for the sole purpose of distributing meals for those enrolled in the city’s senior nutrition programs. The city’s outdoor parks and trails remain open – however, residents using those amenities should observe the social distancing guidelines recommended by public health authorities. Three additional public health sites for information regarding COVID-19: The Maricopa County Public Health Department and the Arizona Department of Health Services are the lead agencies for response in Arizona. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is the lead agency nationally. My personal suggestion and what I have shared with my children is STAY AT HOME.  The City of Scottsdale is doing its best to protect the health and well-being of its citizens.  While the City cannot mandate citizens to stay at home, I believe common sense should prevail and we should STAY AT HOME.

COVID-19 does not spread by itself.  People spread the virus.  Consult your doctor before going to the hospital.  STAY AT HOME.

This is not the flu.  There is no vaccine.  STAY AT HOME.

Make a plan with your family.  Communicate with your family and friends.  STAY AT HOME.

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Co-Chairs: Ace Bailey, Jane Blacker, Jim Bruner, Paul Messinger

Paid for by Korte Scottsdale. Authorized by Virginia Korte.

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