Joy Borum

"Virginia has always been a great leader and champion for Scottsdale. Scottsdale needs someone with vision, ethics, intelligence, heart and experience, and Virginia has all."

Susan Galpin-Tyree

"I have always appreciated the way Virginia is able to balance the history of Scottsdale with the changes necessary for Scottsdale's future. She has my support for mayor."

Jan Dolan

"Having worked in government leadership positions for much of my adult life and as city manager of Scottsdale, I have seen firsthand the complicated nature of how things get done. This is why I think Virginia Korte is our best pick for Mayor. She has the competency to get good policies done and the vision to pursue them."

Janie Ellis 

“Virginia understands that Scottsdale has a rich history that dances on the horizon drawing people to our city.  A vote for Virginia Korte is a vote to support
the arts and the preservation of our unique desert and western heritage, and that is just for starters.”

Jan Gehler

"I've seen Virginia's ability to listen to the needs and concerns of others, skillfully leading a group towards a common goal. As past president of Scottsdale Community College, I watched Virginia teach students and collaborate with faculty and staff, always with care and authority, a rare combination. These abilities and skills will surely serve the community well as she works with citizens to form a better Scottsdale."

Bob & Judy Frost

"As a longtime friends and supporters of Virginia, we have seen her work for a better Scottsdale as a business owner, a non-profit leader, and a city council member. We have no doubt she will continue that as mayor of Scottsdale."

Frances Mills-Yerger

“I have witnessed Virginia Korte's leadership in Scottsdale for over 40 years. She is the most well qualified candidate and I wholeheartedly endorse her Mayor of Scottsdale and support her campaign.”

"Between my family’s deep history and my long-time work with the
Central Arizona Project, I know how important forward-thinking leadership is for the city of Scottsdale. I want Scottsdale to remain a sought-after place to live, which is why we need Virginia Korte for mayor."

"Virginia's commitment to fiscal responsibility while investing in infrastructure is why she would make such a great Mayor. She has my support."

Grady Gammage Jr.

Steven Helm

Sam Campana

"Virginia is truly committed to the unique desert environment of Scottsdale.
Between helping form the McDowell Mountain Preserve to her vision of a Southwest Urban Forest, I can truly say that Virginia would improve the quality of life in Scottsdale for years to come."

"As a former executive at one of Arizona’s largest energy companies and former Director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, I understand what it is like to lead large, complicated organizations with competing priorities. With Virginia's business and public sector background, and her proven leadership track record, I know she has what it takes to work with others to articulate a clear vision of the future and to successfully lead Scottsdale
through the complicated realities of local policy that will inevitably arise."

"Virginia brought the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce back to a place of
viability through her experience, leadership and the ability to build coalitions. I have full faith in her ability to improve upon the progress Scottsdale has made. She is the perfect choice for Mayor for Scottsdale."

Ed Fox

Jeanette Griswold

Mary Decabooter

"I have had first hand experience witnessing what great leadership can do for a city. I want the legacy of my husband to be carried on by forward-thinking leaders who have a deep respect for our past. That is why I am supporting Virginia Korte for Mayor.”

“I have known Virginia for a long time and have seen the commitment she has to making Scottsdale a great place to live and work. She is an incredible leader who has been able to make our schools better, our desert spaces better, and fought for the good of businesses all throughout Scottsdale. We need her to be our next mayor.”

"I am in support for Virginia Korte for Mayor all the way. She has the business acumen, intelligence, and personality to lead Scottsdale into the future and make it a great place to live and work.”

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